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Annual water consumption of an Anatolian black pine in a sub-humid region

Mehmet Said Özçelik

(FORESTIST 2018; 68: 101-105) DOI: 10.26650/forestist.2018.344844

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Causes of land degradation and rehabilitation efforts of rangelands in Turkey

Ferhat Gökbulak, Betül Uygur Erdoğan, Hasan Tezcan Yıldırım, Mehmet S. Özçelik

(FORESTIST 2018; 68: 106-113) DOI: 10.26650/forestist.2018.396995

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Effect of vegetation patch size on selected chemical properties of soils under semiarid climate conditions

Mehmet Said Özçelik, Ferhat Gökbulak, Kamil Şengönül

(FORESTIST 2019; 69: 117-123) DOI: 10.26650/forestist.2019.19001

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