Araştırma Makalesi (Research Article)

Changes in Physical Properties of Fine - Textured Soils Occurred Within a Rotation Period of 21 Years in Pinus pirıaster (Aiton) Plantations Established by Mechanized Soil Preparation Methods


İstanbul University, Faculty of Forestry, 34473 Bahçeköy, İstanbul.


Poplar and Fast Grovving Forest Trees Research Institute, 41050 İzmit.

FORESTIST 2007; 57: 43-59
DOI: 10.17099/jffiu.06446
Read: 519 Downloads: 321 Published: 29 December 2019

This study \vas conducted to exam ine the changes in physical properties of soils prepared with different m ethods in Kerpe (Turkey), in 1978. The site preparation m ethods were: 1) strip soil preparation (0-60 cm) vvitlı rippers m ounted to D 85-A 12 Kom atsu bulldozer (T l), 2) strip soil preparation (0-45 cm) (as gradoni terraces - bench terraces \vith 12-15 % reverse slope and 60-80 cm wide) \vith double pass o f a tined plough (T2), 3) com plete area topsoil preparation (0-30 cm) with double pass of a heavy disk harrotv (T3), 4) com plete area deep soil preparation (30-60 cm) with rippers m ounted to a Kom atsu bulldozer follotved by a com plete topsoil preparation (0-30 cm) \vith a heavy disk harrovv (T4), 5) control plantation plots cleared \vith a rake m ounted to a Kom atsu bulldozer \vhere no soil preparation operation \vas carried out follovring clearing of the coppice cover (0-30 cm) (C). Tvventy one years after soil preparation in N ovem ber 1999, soil core sam ples taken from different depth Iayers and \vere analyzed for soil texture, bulk density, total porosity, air-filled pore space, m axim um \vater-lıolding capacity, perm eability and m oisture equivalent. The results \vere com pared witlı those of two previous investigations performed at the sam e study site in 1978 and 1986. The results revealed that fine-textured soils clıanged to m oderately fine-textured soils in 0-60 cm depth layers o f ali treatm ent plots (except T2) in 21 years. The conditions o f soil bulk density, m axim um water-holding capacity, air-filled pore space and total porosity significantly deteriorated for the depth layers o f 0-60 cm of ali treatm ent plots (except bulk density and total porosity of C and T3 plots) in the period of the First 8 years (from 1978 to 1986). W hen 0-15 cm, 15-30 cm, 30-45 cm and 45-60 cm soil depth Iayers are considered separately, the coııditions of only the first three properties significantly deteriorated in the sam e period. Ho\vever, significant im provem ents occurred in the conditions o f total porosity and air-filled pore space for the soils in 0 to 60 cm depth layers of T2, T3 and T4; C, T2, T3 and T4 treatm ent plots from 1986 to 1999, respectively. The conditions of bulk density also recovered only for the depth layers of 0-15 cm and 45-60 cm, and the conditions of air-filled pore space recovered only for the depth layers of 0-15 cm, 30-45 cm and 45-60 cm in the last 13 years (from 1986 to 1999). Significant deteriorations vvere observed in the m axim um vvater-lıolding capacity during the rotation period of 21 years. No significant differences vvere observed in the conditions of m oisture equivalent and perm eability in 21 years. It is to underline tlıat the significant differences in conditions o f plıysical soil properties ohserved follovving the soil preparation vvith different m etlıods becam e non-significant after the period of first 8 years.

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