Araştırma Makalesi (Research Article)

The Use of Excavator in Forest Road Construction in Karst Region of Turkey


İstan b u l U niversity F aculty o f F orestry D ep artm en t o f F orest C onstruction and T ran sp o rtatio n 34473 B ahcekoy/Istanbul

FORESTIST 2009; 59: -
DOI: 10.17099/jffiu.75605
Read: 699 Downloads: 446 Published: 28 December 2019

In this study, forest road construction techniques, environm ental damages, cross sections and productivity by using hydraulic excavator vvere investigated in forested lands in Antalya region of Turkey. Besides, cross sections of excavator vvere com pared according to gradient. Differences of fill-slope and cut-slope in the cross sections were determ ined. M axim um length of fili slope for excavator was found to be 17 m on 80% slope gradient. The cost of excavator vvas calculated as $21.8 per meter. Productivity of excavator vvas found as 105.8 m3/h. 

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