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Potential Usage of Some of the Ground-Cover Vegetation for Ecosystem Restoration Practices in Central Anatolian Region of Turkey


Department of Soil and Ecology, Düzce University, Faculty of Forestry, Düzce, Turkey


Department of Biology, Düzce University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Düzce, Turkey

FORESTIST 2021; 71: 148-157
DOI: 10.5152/forestist.2021.21015
Read: 975 Downloads: 547 Published: 16 September 2021

Long-term animal grazing and agricultural practices in the Central Anatolian Region have disturbed the vegetation cover and rendered the sites prone to erosion. Plantation practices have been carried out for about six decades in the region. However, tree-oriented plantation practices have not shown promising results. Thus, experimental data gathered in the region using new approaches with different plant species are urgently needed. The aim of the current study is to evaluate the potential usage of some of the ground-cover species for ecosystem restoration in the region. The seeds of 16 local species were collected during extensive field surveys in the summer and early fall of 2012 and 2013. Five sites scattered on the basin were chosen as experimental blocks. The area covers the driest part of the region, with less than 300 mm annual precipitation and 11°C average temperature. Soil texture for the first 20 cm of soil depth in the experimental units ranges from clay to sandy clay loam, with a high lime content. In October 2012, April 2013, October 2013, and April 2014 seeds of these 16 species were sown on three 40 cm × 600 cm beds. In the spring and summer of 2013 and 2014, sites were visited, and field emergence rates and seedling growth were recorded. Based on the results of the experiment, Atriplex hortensis, Glaucium corniculatum, Marrubium parviflorum, Onobrychis tournefortii, Peganum harmala, Reseda lutea, Stachys cretica, Teucrium polium and Vicia cappadocica appear to be the most promising ground-cover species for ecosystem restoration in the region.

Cite this article as: Yıldız, O., & Altundağ Çakır, E. (2021). Potential usage of some of the ground-cover vegetation for ecosystem restoration practices in central anatolian region of Turkey. Forestist, 71(3), 148–157.

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