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Investigations on gallery patterns of the Almond bark beetle (Scolytus amygdali Guerin-Méneville 1847) (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) in Tunisia


University of Carthage, Department of Biology, Faculty of Sciences of Bizerte, Bizerte, Tunisia


Istanbul University, Faculty of Forestry, Forest Entomology and Protection Department, Istanbul, Turkey


The University of Sousse, Regional Center of Research on Horticulture and Organic Agriculture, Laboratory of Entomology, 4042 Chott-Mariem, Sousse, Tunisia


Institute of the Olive Tree Station of Sousse, Department of Olive Tree Physiology, 40 Ibn Khouldoun Street, 4061 Sousse, Tunisia

FORESTIST 2016; 66: 288-294
DOI: 10.17099/jffiu.67352
Read: 753 Downloads: 398 Published: 01 January 2016

The Almond bark beetle Scolytus amygdali Guerin-Meneville, 1847 is a serious beetle that can affect important economic crops in Tunisia. The species is morphologically similar to other bark beetles attacking fruit trees such as Scolytus mediterraneus. The gallery systems of both species are also generally hard to differentiate. A detailed study about gallery systems has carried out in the central region of Tunisia in order to give more details on beetle damage under the bark. Maternal and larval galleries from infested branches of almond were examined and measured. It is hoped that these details of the shape and measurements of the gallery systems of Scolytus amygdali will facilitate the identification of infestations of almond bark beetles attacking fruit trees in Tunisia.

To cite this article (Atıf): Zeiri, A., Ayberk, H., Braham, M., Braham, M., 2016. Investigations on gallery patterns of the Almond bark bettle (Scolytus amygdali Guerin-Méneville, 1847) (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) in Tunisia. Journal of the Faculty of Forestry Istanbul University 66(1): 288-294. DOI: 10.17099/jffiu.67352

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