Kısa Not (Short Note)

Determination and evaluation of recreation resources of Gürün (Sivas) county


Landscape Architect, Istanbul, Turkey

FORESTIST 2016; 66: 318-328
DOI: 10.17099/jffiu.68635
Read: 1015 Downloads: 525 Published: 01 January 2016

In this study; it is aimed to determine some recreational resources located in Gürün (Sivas) county and to evaluate these resources within the framework of the conservation and utilization principles. First; the concept of recreational resources is explained and then the results of the analysis of the county's natural and cultural resources are given. In the research; "Outdoor Recreation Research Classification Method" developed by ORRRC (Outdoor Recreation Resources Review Commission) has been applied in Gürün county and by means of using this method areas of having recreational resources has been identified and classified. As a result of the study recreational resources are avaluated and it is predicted the public use of these resources has been allowed by means of making recreationalprotection plannings.

EISSN 2602-4039