Araştırma Makalesi (Research Article)

Endemic Plants of Taşlıyayla and Kızık (Bolu-Seben) Surrounding


Bartın University BartınVocational School Department of Forestry Forestry and Forest Products Program, 74100 Bartın


İstanbul University Faculty of Forestry Department of Forest Botany, 34473 Bahçeköy / İstanbul

FORESTIST 2013; 63: 1-10
DOI: 10.17099/jffiu.33293
Keywords : Turkey, Bolu, A3, endemic, flora, botany
Read: 829 Downloads: 602 Published: 23 December 2019

This study that was prepared at the University of İstanbul Institute of Sciences, Forest Engineering Department, Program of Forest Botany, covers endemic plants identified in the master thesis entitled “The Flora of Taşlıyayla and Kızık Surroundings.” Research field is located between Bolu and Seben, it is in the A3 square according to the grid system of Davis and it is located in an area in which it is seen the effects of Euro-Siberian, Mediterranean and Irano-Turanian Floristic Regions. As a result of “35 times fieldwork” to research area, 1750 plant samples were collected. As a consequence of identification of the collected plant specimens 573 taxa belonging to 295 genera and 85 families have been determined. 66 of these taxa are determined as endemic for the A3 square and the endemism ratio is %11,51.

EISSN 2602-4039