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Species Conservation Action Plan for Varanus griseus (Daudin, 1803) Distributed in Southeastern Anatolia


Department of Forestry, Hunting and Wildlife Program, Iğdır University, Vocational School of Technical Sciences, Iğdır, Turkey


Department of Biology, Zoology Section, Adıyaman University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Adıyaman, Turkey


Department of Biology, Zoology Section, Adıyaman University, Graduate Education Institute, Adıyaman, Turkey


Şanlıurfa Private Sınav Anatolian High School, Şanlıurfa, Turkey

FORESTIST 2023; 73: 131-137
DOI: 10.5152/forestist.2022.22027
Read: 679 Downloads: 407 Published: 01 May 2023

Desert Monitor, Varanus griseus (Daudin, 1803), has limited distribution in Turkey and is poorly studied. In this study, the current status of the species and potential threats were documented and required conservation measures were defined. In this project, 24 days of field study was conducted in 2019 (between May and July) to collect information about the distribution, habitat preference, behavior, life cycle, and population status of the species. In addition, potential threats to the species were investigated by interviewing the local people. As a result of the field studies and the current literature data, the species was found in 16 new localities among 348–888 altitudes in Turkey. As a result of studies conducted to date and of our findings, it has been determined that the main threats to the species are habitat loss, habitat degradation and fragmentation, death by road accidents, and other human activities.

Cite this article as: Akman, B., Yıldız, M. Z., Aydoğdu, M., Bozkurt, M. A., & Üçeş, F. (2023). Species conservation action plan for varanus griseus (Daudin, 1803) distributed in southeastern anatolia. Forestist, 73(2), 131-137.

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