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Spatial Analysis of Forest Area Development in Central Lika (Republic of Croatia) in the Period 1980–2012


Ericsson Nikola Tesla d.d., Krapinska 45, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

FORESTIST 2022; 72: 120-128
DOI: 10.5152/forestist.2021.21024
Read: 197 Downloads: 73 Published: 13 September 2021

The main goal of this paper is the spatial analysis of the forest area in Central Lika, a rural mountainous area in the central part of Croatia, in the period 1980–2012. The paper uses data from two databases, pertaining to the analysis period. A spatial analysis has been performed to determine the mean center/spatial tendency using the GIS Mean Center method. These data were complemented by field research. The results of the research showed reforestation, that is, an increase in the total forest area (by .24%). However, the surface of most widespread deciduous forests had decreased (−.26%), while an increase was observed in spatially less represented mixed (by 3.02%) and coniferous forests (by .84%). The spatial tendency of the forest area toward the southeast (by 1.87 km) was determined using the method of shifting mean center, which means that in the observed period, there was an increase in forest surface area/reforestation in the southern and eastern parts of Central Lika, and a decrease/deforestation in the northern and western parts. Spatial tendencies were observed to differ based on the types of forests. There was a shift in the mean center toward the southeast for deciduous (by 2.44 km) and coniferous forests (by 2.52 km), while in mixed forests toward the northeast (by 1.14 km). In line with the current socio-economic processes, it is to be expected that this trend of reforestation will continue, with the the spatial tendency toward the southeast, which should be considered as an important element in spatial planning.

Cite this article as: Hamzić, M. (2021). Spatial analysis of forest area development in Central Lika (Republic of Croatia) in the period 1980–2012. Forestist, 72(2), 120-128.

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