Araştırma Makalesi (Research Article)

Alteration of Nitrogen Mineralization Along Altitudinal Gradient at Kaz Mountains


İ.Ü. Orman Fakültesi Toprak İlmi ve Ekoloji Anabilim Dalı, 34473 Bahçeköy – İstanbul


Düzce Üniversitesi, Fen Edebiyat Fakültesi, Biyoloji Bölümü Düzce

FORESTIST 2012; 62: 19-29
DOI: 10.17099/jffiu.50113
Read: 367 Downloads: 256 Published: 23 December 2019

The aim of this study was to put forward nitrogen mineralization rates, nitrogen nutrition status and existence of nitrogen along an altitudinal gradient. With this intention standard soil material and its mixtures in closed top cylinders were installed to the altitudes 600 m, 1000 m and 1430 m to observe net nitrogen mineralization transformations. Additionally native soil and standard soil material were brought to the laboratory for incubation under standard conditions (20 ℃ and 60% water saturation). At the end of laboratory incubations ammonium-N was immobilized by microorganisms whereas net nitrogen mineralization were accounted at native soils. Nitrate-N accumulation was lower at native soils (-0.4-0.7 mg NO3--N kg-1 29 d-1 ) while higher at standard and standard x native soil mixtures (2.3-17.9 mg NO3--N kg-1 29 d-1 ). At the end of 99d in situ incubations ammonium-N immobilization was observed at standard x native soil mixtures while ammonium-N accrual was detected between 12.7-25.26 mg NH4+-N kg-1 at native soils. Besides nitrate-N accumulation has been substantiated at almost all incubated materials. To conclude; (1) high amount of ammonium-N has resulted to nitrate production. (2) Since standard x native soil mixtures contained less organic nitrogen vs native soils no ammonium-N accumulation could be detected at standard x native soil mixtures. (3) Less nitrate-N production at the end of laboratory incubation at standard soil vs native soils revealed less nitrate-N producing bacteria content in standard soil material. (4) Altitude was not efficient on ammonium-N accumulation. The excess mineral N content of soils caused to microbial immobilization instead ammonium-N accumulation. (5) Nitrate-N accumulation showed an increase correspondingly with elevating altitude. 

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