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A research on job satisfaction levels of employees in the furniture industry: A case of Istanbul, Turkey


Department of Forest Products Engineering, Düzce University Faculty of Forestry, Düzce, Turkey


Forest Industry Engineer, İstanbul, Turkey

FORESTIST 2019; 69: 124-132
DOI: 10.26650/forestist.2019.19010
Read: 1130 Downloads: 588 Published: 01 July 2019

The aim of the present study was toidentify the level of job satisfaction among employees and the relationshipbetween their intrinsic and extrinsic satisfaction levels that are of utmostimportance for the furniture sector. For this purpose, the job satisfactionlevels of employees working for furniture enterprises in Istanbul were measuredby a survey method. The survey form consists of two sections. The first sectionincludes questions regarding the demographic characteristics of the employees,whereas the second section includes a short version of the Minnesota JobSatisfaction Questionnaire. The obtained data were evaluated by usingdescriptive statistics, independent t-test, and one-way analysis of variancemethods. As a result of the research, it was found that the participants werepartially satisfied with intrinsic satisfaction factors, whereas they were notsatisfied about whether extrinsic satisfaction factors have an impact on thelevel of job satisfaction. The outcomes of the analyses made between the jobsatisfaction levels of the employees working for the furniture industry in Istanbuland demographic variants revealed that job satisfaction did not varymeaningfully according to variants, such as gender, age, marital status, levelof education, and professional experience of the employees. Furthermore, it wasidentified that the general satisfaction level of the white collar employeeswas lower than that of the other group of employees.

Cite this paper as: Sevim Korkut, D., Gedik, T., Çağan, F., 2019. A research on job satisfaction levels of employees in the furniture industry: A case of Istanbul, Turkey. Forestist 69(2): 124-132.

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